Sep 142011

The first thing we did in Xi’an was to get train tickets back home to Nanjing. As we prognosed it wasn’t an easy task. But thanks to the ticket lady who searched for ever for all options else got two fast trains two days after.
As it hadn’t stopped raining for 3 days, we decided to take it easy and just to visit the cities museum, that turned out to quite pleasant, not boring, not too much stuff. The only inconvenience was that everybody had to get a ticket and show the identify card and fill in a form, so that took some time. And student ticket is for free, so that was even streanger.
In the morning we git some free bear tickets as a welcome drink in the hostel, what lead to the discovery of a huge bar beneath our hostel.
The next day we got up really early, as we were heading to see the Terracotta Army and we heard that its best to be there super early to escape all the tourist groups. So while visiting the expedition we couldn’t stop wondering what made a man believe that army made of terracotta would come alive in the afterlife. He made 720000 people work cor over four decades to make 7000 terracotta men. 3000 are already excavated, they still working  go get the rest.
When we where finished with the terracotta army the rain finally had stopped, which gave as great opurtunity to have a walk on the city wall.

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