Sep 142011

We took a 3 hour bus from Tongren to Xiahe in the morning. The scenery was amazing, grassland mountains as far as you could see 2900 m up.
We got to Tara gesthouse, a very cosy hostel run by munks.
We started the tour by tracking over the mountains which gave  as a fantastic view. Along the way we saw stone piles, which are like graves, they bring the dead up on a hill and let the birds eat them, then they cover the remains with stones.
Then it was time to see Labrang Monastery and this time with a English speaking guide. The guide turned out to be the funniest monk ever, who didn’t stop laughing for a second, we had a blast. In the end he invited us to hiss house for some tee the next day.  We were really looking forward to that.

Next day we started with a Kora walk around the monastery 7 in the morning. In the afternoon we met the monk for a tea at his pace. And afterwards we saw the printing press.

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