Sep 142011

It took 4 hours with bus from Xining to Tongren. Very small city, but with two big monastery places and the nicest persons ever. No meter if they where regular people, monks or children – everybody was smiling and being friendly as crazy.
In Wutun Si we saw not only the beautiful Monastery but also making of Tibetan art. Tongren (Tibetan sacred art) is very detailed painting and an A4 painting takes a month to make.
Rongwo Gonchen Gompa Monastery was the second place we visited. This is the biggest monastery in Tonga and its dating from 1301. There are still more then 500 residential monks.

After that we went to some local shops and purchased some Tibetan cloth as souvenirs. We ended the day with some wonderful food, something that we havent had for some time.

p.s. in most of the temples it is not allowed to take pictures, that explains the lack of them..

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