Sep 142011

Finally the bad weather had caught us. One week left to the end of the trip and it rains constantly. That didnt stop us to visit the Maigi Shan caves. They are about 1500 years old and the scientists speculate that the carvers where hanging in ropes to make the statues, but they still are not sure and are amazed about how they did it. The steamy and rainy weather made the cave experience different, it felt mystic.
Then we headed to the bus stations to catch the bus to Xi’an. The first impression was wonderful, the newest and freshest bus I have ever been in – leather seats, big armholds. But that didnt stop the bus to break down after 20 minutes. After more then one hour waiting there came another bus and we could continue the journey just to be stuck in a traffic jam 2 hours later. We sat there for 3 hours without mowing. It turned out that the highway was closed because of the heavy rain, we even had to get our luggage up in the bus, so it would not get soaking wet, thanks that the driver was clever enough to care about that. Buuuuuut the thing that was ridiculous was that even thou the high way was closed and there was traffic jam already and the traffic was moved – the road tall took money from every car, making the traffic jam 10 times worse. So instead of getting to Xi’an at 8 in the evening, we arrived 2 in night, in the worst rain ever. Thank god the hostel was booked and turned out to be awesome.

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