Sep 142011

Very strange city, the speed limit is 40 aaaaand all the cars obey it. Taxis are like snails there, but still its better then chaotic traffic, like its every where else..
The first day we went to hospital to drug me up a little bit.
The second day we went to Singing Sands Mountains where we rode some dune buggies, shot some arrows, did some tube sliding down the sand dunes, climbed a high dune to watch the sunset and then jumped it down.
The third day we visited Mogoa caves where we saw some impressive art work. There are 500 caves with statues and paintings. The first cave was made 1500 years ago and the others where made in 1000 year time (no photos allowed thou). So quite impressive.

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  1. All that sand must have been hell for the cameras and phones.

  2. ahaaa..

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