Aug 262011

Four more days with Abdul wahab Tours

We returned to Abdul and got another great tour. This time we were heading to Hotan to ride on camels through on of world biggest desserts.
The journey started with 10 hour drive from Kashgar to Hotan with 3 stops between. We had Musa as our driver and Ty as our guide. As we all had big luggage with as the day started with a problem fitting everything in the car. When that was solved we started the journey. The first nice surprise was that our driver spoke English as well. The first stop was at a knife making village, where we looked at some of the hand made knives. The second stop was Yarkand where we looked at some tombs. And at the third stop we saw a nice mosque. By the time we reached Hotan it was evening and we ended it with a dinner with Musa and Ty eating polo (a local rice and carrot dish) nearby our hotel.

Next day we went around Hotan. First we visited a silk factory and witnessed the production of hand make silk. Then we went to a carpet factory and saw the hard work that is done to make a hand made carpet. There were even hand made carpets that would only fit in a big hall. The question is who can afford then? It takes 2 month to make a small carpet. In the afternoon we went to Sunday market where we had lots of fun. Starting with me buying house boots and being absorbed by 40 people while trying them on. Then we found the sitting blankets and decided to buy 2 each and make a Xin Jiang room when we return to Nanjing. And the highlight was when Fredrik bought traditional cloth and wore them immediately.

Now when the sun started to get weaker we could go with camels out in the dessert. Let me just tell that camels are gorgeous animals. After 2 hours riding we fond a place to built the tents and finished the evening with melons, fire and looking at the stars. This night I saw more shooting stars then in my entire life before.

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