Aug 262011

We booked a 4 day tour with a driver to go around. First we went to Opal Village Market and then continued to the Karakul lake which is located 3600 m up in the mountains. There we went on a horse ride and visited the local Kyrgyz people in their Yurts. We enjoyed the amazing scenery for hours and still couldn’t get enough. It was getting colder and colder and we all had some problems with the altitude. Our heads hurt a lot so we decided for an early evening. The Yurt was super cold and the prognosis was to -10 during the night. Waking up in the morning we were surprised that the blankets had done a good job and we were warm all night long.
Next day we went to Tashkurgan and had an epic walk through wetland and rivers to reach a local Tajic family who gave as some traditional yogurt. Tasty but super sour.
The third day we headed to Hunjirab – 4800 m. There we reached Pakistan border and where with in foot in China and with the other one in Pakistan. The breathing got harder but the view was amazing. On the way back we stopped a lot to enjoy the amazing landscape. Then we headed to Oytagh.
On the last day we went up to Oytagh glacier and trecked for 4 hours. The air was super thin so it was quite exhausting but worth every sweat.
I need to mention that we used Abdul wahab Tours and were surely satisfied with everything. If you come to Kashgar I totally recommend him, just be sure to find the real Abdul, because there are many fake Abdul in the city.
P.S. He soon will change the agencies name, so there are no misunderstandings.

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