Jul 192011

12.08.2011.. Last half day in Gunung Milk rainforest and we chose to spending it hiking to Paku waterfall, approximately 3 km away from the camp. We wrote down our names on the security board, in case something happens. As we happens to visit Mulu in the less wet season (still super far from dry) the waterfall was kind of non existing, still it was wonderful to be there alone and take a swim in the middle of such an amazing rain forest!

After lunch we started to move towards the airport as we had to catch to flight to get to Jakarta. I am writing this sitting in the plain and hopefully we’ll be there in an hour.  Christian is reading a book and Fredrik writing his travel journal.. We have a two hour taxi ride ahead of us to get to Fredriks relatives that live in Jakarta and where so nice to invite us to stay at their place for the two nights in Jakarta. Already its a horrible traffic situation fhere, so thats way the two hour ride.. Next news from Jakarta then : )

P.S. We all are super sick, running noses, aching throats and exploding ears while flying, we blame it in the Hong Kong air conditioner, have no proof thou.. 😀

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  1. Gunung Milk rainforest? =)

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