Jul 212011

12/13.08.2011.. At 9 in the evening we landed in Jakarta. As remember from Fredriks relatives we bought sun cards and took the silver bird taxi. One and a half hours and 20 euros later we reached our destination.
Next morning the family arranged a taxi for ad day who would brig us to the harbor and other places and wait for us. The costs for that was 40 euros. But as there are almost no public transportation and the ride takes two hours one way it was a good chose.
There are 20 million people mowing in and out the city every day, so the city feels like just one big traffic, no street without traffic jams. They predict that buy 2014 it will be impossible to move in the city, will see if and what kind of solution they will find.

But all in all it was a great experience to see Jakarta, even if only for one day.

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