Jul 182011

11.08.2011.. Today we started with an early canopy walk through the rain forest 25 m above the ground. It was great to walk on swining bridges and see the amazing canopy.
After that we went on a Moonmilk walk to see the Moonmilk cave. We had to climb quite few steps to get up there, but it was worth it.
In the afternoon we visited the Dear cave, which is the  biggest cave passage in the world. And the best thing, there lives 3000000 bats. So walking through it we could hear and see them high up. And in the evening we watched them fly in and out the cave. They fly in big groups to make them look like a big animal, so the enemies dont attack. The best thing about bats is that they eat all the mosquitoes, good

for us and this was the place where we expected them to be the most.

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