Jul 072011

24.06.2011… Today we rented bikes to enjoy the nature and mountains! First time in Asia on bikes.. and in turns out its not so hard. First stope we made at a 1500 years old tree, very tourist packed. Then we went to the Moon mountain, where the water seller ladies already awaited us, as I still had water I promised to buy one when I get down, because they where really nice and didnt want to let me go. After reaching the top we understood that the Chinese are not mean on exercising, because there were only few people and mostly westerners, but the view was amazing. We even got go see somebody mountainclimbing – it was great. Then we went on smaller roads till we reached a river that we crossed on a bamboo boat. One the other side we finely escaped all traffic (thats where I took the video I will post next). Final destination was the Dragon bridge which we reached thou super small roads with the help of the locals. Thats where Christian jumped into the river. going back home we reached two read ends and as it was soon getting dark we chose the main road and after 9 km reached the starting point. So again – best day ever đŸ˜€

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