Jun 032011

The last day we started by visiting Xiamen botanic garden and it was wonderful. In the area was also a mountain. When we started to clime we didn’t know where we are going, thought that there will be just few stairs, but it never ended, no one informed about that we have started a mountain climb. Also it was very hot in humid in Xiamen, so when we reached the top we were sweaty as hell..

Then we visited Xiamen university and it was beautiful, the campus was super pleasant.. next to a sea as well.. There we just had to try the three seat bicycles and omg it was hard to ride, the first two minutes we thought we will never start, but then it worked, and p.s. most of the time I didn’t peddle at all : D

When we reached the sea a family came to me and gave me their baby just to make photos, I couldn’t believe that that’s really happening.. The evening we ended by visiting Gulangyu Island.

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