May 162011

When we got to Nanjing it was still kind of cold, so the first week we were freezing like hell, at least I was, but then it turned into summer immediately. There is no spring in Nanjing, it goes from winter to summer and from summer to winter in one week.. But thank god we have an ac in the international student dorms. Otherwise when its summer you sweat like hell and in winter you can see your breath indoors, because they don’t have heating here in any building. Not in the dorms and nor in the classrooms. Again fortunately that doesn’t concern the international students : D

Right now I live with 3 Chinese girls in one apartment, everybody has their own room, shared kitchen (although we don’t need it, because we always eat in the school cafeteria) and one bathroom. So far there have been no problems, it’s perfect.

Now let me tell you how the other, non-international, Chinese students live. They share 6-9 people one room, they have a small shower in the room, but no warm water, so in winter they have to go to a separate building to use the common showers and stand in a long cue. Then they have to be back in their rooms at 11, because they lock the dorms aaaaand at 11 o’clock in all building they turn off the electricity, so now lite, no fan, no computer, no nothing. That’s the Chinese student life here J

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