Apr 102011

The day today was soooo nice, that I just have to write about it. Now it is 6 in the evening and it is still 26C outside. It was a perfect summer day with some nice breeze here and there. I already forgot that it was raining 2 days ago… But one interesting thing is that Nanjing doesn’t have spring. It changes from winter to summer in two weeks.

We went to the lake next to our school for a walk. It has many islands that are connected with small bridges. At one point it didn’t feel real any more, that’s how beautiful it was, it felt like I was walking through a fairytale. But then again there are always motorbikes coming that are hunting their horns to get by you. And it’s not like they slow down when passing people  : ) but to be honest, even that couldn’t spoil it.

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