Apr 212011

The first day in Shanghai we tried Chinese food and learned the way of shearing… In lunch we went to this very nice and fancy place to celebrate the first time and Shanghai and like usually each of us ordered a dish. The waiter fishily asked if it is really enough?? We thought the question was kind of strange, but didn’t think anything more. Then when we got the food we understood that the question probably was meant figuratively, because we got 4 big, big dishes in the middle of the table and separate plates for each other , because traditionally Chinese people share the food. So instead of eating 1 thing we ended up trying everything and still 50% of the food was left over..  Price per person was approximately 35 RMB (LS 2.70).

On the contrary the dinner we chose to eat near our hostel in a not so nice place. We had learned our lesson and ordered only 2 dishes, which ended up to be not so big as at Ninas (although enough as well) and we paid something like 25RMB each which in the end was the same as in the fancy place. So the conclusion was that sometimes the food costs almost the same either you choose a nice or not so nice place : )

P.S. The lunch time is usually till 2 o’clock and we went to Ninas at 1:30, so at 2 we were the last ones eating and the staff started to wipe the floors and change the tables, not hurrying us up, but not stopping their usual work routine as well. It didn’t trouble us, just it would never happen in Europe, at least I think it wouldn’t  : ) When we left the staff said bye with a smile on their faces. It feels that people are more relaxed here…

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