Apr 182011

We went out to see Shanghai’s center, Nanjing Road, The Bund in day light, Peoples Park and everything in between. And in the first day they tried to scam us 3 times. Good that Christian had read in the guide book, that there are these kinds of scams: so if you meet a Chinese who can speak very good English and is very interested to know you and suggests going for a traditional tea ceremony – that’s a scam. Of course you will get the tea and everything but they will charge you a lot for that and they even have a service of private escorts to an ATM : D. But luckily we knew that, all thou one girl was very good and for one second we weren’t sure if that’s a scam, but it would have been.

And then there is the shoe shine, which wouldn’t be a bad things, if you could choose either you want it or not. But this privilege is given only for the natives, not the tourists. The shoe shiner just jumped on Fredrik and grabbed his foot and then there was no way out, because the shoe cream was on the shoe : D He tried to charge 100 RMB (8 Ls), but he got 15 (1.5 Ls) which in my mind was too much as well, but that’s Fredrik. But later in the day we saw that some Chinese used this service as well, it looked ok, but we don’t know the real price for this service ; )



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