Apr 252011

So we heard about this really nice sky bar (91’s floor) in this fantastic skyscraper and decided that that’s the perfect start for the second night in Shanghai. We got to the place and there was the staff awaiting the guests, then we found out that the bar is open only from 8pm. We were an hour early, but the personal suggested the lobby bar instead, only 4 floors lower. And that was the best thing that could ever happen. It was perfect. There were people escorting us to the elevator, a person bringing us up (veeeeery fast elevator) and another person awaiting us outside the elevator. And the drinks were 90 RMB, plus the best service ever. Although the other quests where only businessmen, nobody looked at us as if we didn’t belong there. No strange looks, no uncomfortable feeling. Nobody should miss this if going to Shanghai. The whole city lied to our feet.

P.S. There is a viewpoint some floors higher which cost 150 RMB, we didn’t choose that. And two days later we went to the real bar, because Milad just arrived and we wanted to show him the view. The real bar was such a disappointment – very loud music, dark, uncomfortable seats and no way to get to the windows, because those tables cost 2000 RMB. We left immediately and went the second time to the lobby bar. Hope to go there again : )

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